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Japanese Knotweed Removal Services in South Yorkshire

Japanese Knotweed is causing huge problems across the UK, and here in South Yorkshire, so much so, that if you think you have this plant in your garden or around your property, you need to act quickly…

The history of Japanese Knotweed

The plant was introduced to the UK in 1825 as an attractive ornamental plant and it is easy to see why – reddish stems, clumped together and with large, green leaves and cream tasselled flowers in late July, it seem an innocuous plant… BUT, it harbours a dangerous secret.

It is a hardy plant, and it is one that spreads at an alarming rate:

  • It grows in the poorest soil, hence it is a common sight on motorway banks, railway lines and waste land too
  • Even when you think the plant is dead, the smallest of clipping can give rise to a new plant in spring
  • Some of the activities and methods we use actually contribute to the spread of the plant, such as digging the plant out and then using the top layer of soil; the rhizome system, (its roots) can survive in the top few layers of soil
  • Chemical treatments are the only real way of dealing with the plant but some of these chemical weed killers may not be strong enough, and need to be applied carefully near water as they can kill fish, as well as other plants
  • Disposal of the plant is an important too – it cannot be placed in the garden waste collected at the kerb side and neither can it be placed in the rubbish bin; it must either be taken to a landfill that can deal with the plant or it must be burnt on site (this may not be possible in some cases)

The disposal of the plant is governed by several acts, as is the spread of the plant; it may be that you could face a fine if you allow the plant to spread from your property as well as not following guidelines for its safe disposal.

Can I deal with Japanese Knotweed myself?

It may be possible for South Yorkshire customers to deal with Japanese Knotweed, especially if you have identified the plant as it first starts to grow but, it is not a plant that is easily killed and removed.

Considering all the guidelines and regulations relating to Japanese Knotweed, it is probably a wise move to engage the services of a professional company. We can deal with Japanese Knotweed quickly as we are able to use a strength of chemical weed killer that will kill it, followed by digging out the rhizome systems of the plant, followed by the correct disposal of the plant ‘waste’.

Is it expensive?

The removal of Japanese Knotweed from your South Yorkshire property is essential; it has been known for it to break through concrete, compromise the structure of a building as well as break through pavements and roads.

Don’t let this plant get a hold of your property as you may find the cost of getting rid of it when it has damaged the integral fabric of your building far more expensive that a pest control ridding your garden of it…

Call us today to find out more about Japanese Knotweed in South Yorkshire and how we can help you!

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