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Ant Control & Garden Ant Treatments in North Lincolnshire & South Yorkshire

Ants in the UK do not pose a risk to human health; more than anything they are an irritating nuisance as they can enter properties from the smallest of gaps, as well being insatiable in their appetite for food.

Ants in the UK

There are thought to be about 12,000 species of ant in the world; some are dangerous, delivering a nasty bite or sting to a human but for those ant infestations in North Lincolnshire, there are 4 common types (as can be found in the rest of the UK too!)

  1. Black garden ants – are the most common ant in the UK and industrious little creatures, capable of carrying many items several times their own body weight, they can be at their peak in July each year. They do not pose a health risk to humans or pets. The ants you see will be the worker ants, sent out by the queen to forage for food (the sweeter the better!). Leaving a layer of pheromone as they leave the nest, the ant will be able to retrace its steps and make it safely back to the queen. They fly for a few days in July or August for mating reasons.
  2. Ghost ants – virtually transparent in their head and body, these ants prefer the warmth of heated buildings and can be difficult to eradicate without the help of a professional pest controller
  3. Pharaoh’s ants – originating from the tropics, like ghost ants these insects look for the warmth of a heated building. They can invade whole apartment blocks, schools, hospitals etc. but, unlike black garden ants, they prefer protein rich food. As a result, for hygiene reasons, it is imperative that any infestation is dealt with quickly and effectively.
  4. Red fire ants – these are less likely to be found in a property as their natural habitat is in the garden, preferring rich soil for a site for their nests. However, if food is in short supply, they will venture into the home; delivering a nasty sting that can be very sore and itchy, if they do infest the home, getting rid of them is essential.

Can I sort an ant infestation myself?

There are many products on the market and the internet is full of hints and tips on how to get rid of ants, from pouring boiling water over a nest, to dousing with ant powder and a whole heap of prevention tips too.

In many cases, when ant infestations are small, they are not too difficult to get a handle on but, there may be times when you need the professional and expert opinion of a pest controller:

  • Numbers – in many cases, some infestations have such a grip on a property that the population of a nest is not hundreds, but thousands. A mature red fire ants nests can have a population of 100,000 or more!
  • Type of ant and their habits – black garden ants are easy to spot, but ghost ants and pharaoh ants are a little more difficult. An expert pest controller, for example, will know that the pharaoh ant will have more than one nest in a building, and finding the nest of a ghost ant can be incredibly difficult. As a result, DIY methods rarely eradicate the ants completely.

Getting rid of ants once and for all

Once we have completed the assignment of ridding your property of ants, we also take a look at how possible future infestations can be prevented –from sealing the smallest hole to the use of chemicals at certain points.

Being bothered by ants? Can’t seem to get rid of them? You need an expert pest control company – call us!

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