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Rat, Mice & Rodent Control in North Lincolnshire & South Yorkshire

Rats and mice are in the environment in large number but, when their numbers become out of control, their encroachment in to our gardens and properties can cause real problems!

What causes an increase in rat and mice problems?

There are two contributing factors that make these rodents increasingly visible to us – the weather and our habits.

Weather – when we have periods of prolonged rain, matched with floods, or extensive periods of cold, rodents will seek new places to make their nests. Unfortunately, a perfect place to breed and raise their young is often in our homes, cellars, wall cavities, garages, outbuildings, sheds… the list could go on!

Like humans, rodents prefer nesting sites that are clean, warm and safe from human or animal intrusion, as well as dry and warm – even better, is when there are plentiful supplies of food and nesting materials close by.

Our habits – we all know that our habits in terms of recycling need to change but, storage of waste products, along with an increase in composting have all meant that rodents have a more readily available sources of food.

Prevention is always better than cure and so making compost bins as rodent proof as possible (dug well in to the ground and a tight fitting lid), along with lids and generally keeping recycle or bin areas tidy can stop rodents becoming too much of a nuisance.

But, for many commercial premises, rodents are an ongoing problem…

The problem with rodents

Rats, in particular, do not enjoy a good reputation and no wonder; they carry a bacteria that is harmful to humans. Carried naturally in their gut, this bacteria Leptospira, is carried by many animals but rodents, especially rats, are the main source of infection in humans.

Excreted in rat urine, when humans ingest the bacteria, the resulting illness is incredibly unpleasant and, in many cases, serious, requiring aggressive medical treatment.

Having rats in or around a home or business is therefore, a priority when it comes to eradication.

Can rodents be eradicated?

Estimates to the number of rats and mice in Britain vary significantly, from a few hundred thousand to millions! It was once thought that no human was more than 10 foot away from a rat, but most pest controllers and scientists would agree that this could be an over-exaggeration!

However, seeing rodents or sharing your property or garden with them is not something you should ‘put up with’ or is recommended…

  • Prolific breeders – rats in particular, breed very quickly with both the gestation period for the pregnant female being only weeks. With litters averaging around 4, the female rat will breed again, within weeks. As a result, what will start as one pregnant female in the shed will become an infestation within months.
  • Damage – rodents are gnawing animals too; they will eat and strip away many materials for use in nests and, as a last resort, food. They will chew through virtually anything, from soft furnishings, wood, cardboard, electric cables and much, much more. As the population of the rodents grow within a space, the damage will increase. Dealing with a perceived rodent problem sooner rather than later is imperative!
  • Health – rats and mice do carry disease and this is reasons enough in itself to deal with any rodent ‘infestation’, whether they numbers are few or many.

Eradicating, controlling and preventing

Professional pest controllers know that with rodents, the key lies in eliminating the rodents from the property, controlling the local conditions so that they are prevented from returning.

Prevention is better than cure and so ensuring that compost bins are as rodent proof as possible, along with any rubbish stored near the property is also tied in bags/in lidded containers is also important.

We work with both domestic and commercial customers in all aspects of pest control – if you see a rat or mouse, notice droppings or ‘stripping’ of various materials etc., contact us for a free onsite survey and quotation.

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Tenants left a mess?

We specialise in helping landlords and offer a pest & rubbish clearance service. We can eradicate fleas and rats and at the same time remove any rubbish left behind! Including furniture, rubbish, grime, mess and more…


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