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Bird, Pigeon & Seagull Control & Proofing Services in South Yorkshire

Birds, of the right kind, can be a pleasurable delight to see in the garden but there are some birds that cause big problems…

Pigeons and seagulls can be the plight of many a city or town centre but many people assume that because they are everywhere, nothing can be done to alleviate the problem.

You’ll be pleased to know, however, that there are options!

The problems with birds…

  • Birds, such as pigeons and seagulls roosting and nesting on properties can be a real problem; in great numbers they can dislodge guttering, break tiles and as well as block the gutters with feathers and other detritus. The result is: damage. It can be costly to repair and is not something you want to spend your hard-earned cash on.
  • Birds can also represent a health hazard to humans; ornithosis, E.Coli and salmonella are just three examples of illnesses that can pose real problem to humans and are best avoided. The bacteria is present is the faeces.
  • Their droppings as well as possibly causing us health problems, can also cause additional problems in that they can make entrances slippery. Bird droppings can also be ‘caustic’ in that they can and do erode the fabric of a building over time.
  • Insect infestations can also be attributed to birds too and so don’t be surprised if an insect infestation within a property is caused by birds…
  • Some birds can also be aggressive at certain times of the year; for example, seagulls defend their young but for us humans, this can make walking around and enjoying our gardens feel like we are running the gauntlet…

And the answer is – bird proofing from a South Yorkshire pest control company!

Bird proofing equipment at your South Yorkshire home or business is a long term investment that WILL reap rewards in terms of negligible maintenance and damage repair costs from birds roosting and nesting on your building.

There are many new-to-the –market bird proofing equipment and methods but the most commonly used are netting and spiking. These pieces of equipment prevent birds from humanely roosting and nesting on buildings and so they will look for somewhere more comfortable to rest!

There are also slides that can be placed on ledges and in guttering; the smooth surface of the slide, fitted at an angle, prevents birds from gripping and so they have no option but to fly off. Spiking in tops of poles and lamp posts is also becoming an increasingly common sight and again, the idea is to stop birds from resting at this point.

Bird proofing your South Yorkshire home need not be overly expensive. In fact, investing in both the equipment and the professional installation of them means that you will be spending far less on not only repairing the building, but also cleaning it!

Fitting bird proofing equipment to South Yorkshire properties involved working at height, therefore you need to be sure that the company you engage is professional and reliable. Bird proofing is not as expensive as you think, so why not call today for a quote?

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