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House Clearance Services in Scunthorpe

What is a house clearance service in Scunthorpe?

A house clearance service is where, for a variety of reasons, a property is emptied of a variety of items. Some people need this kind of service when getting a property ready for sale or to place it on the rental market.

Other people use this kind of service when emptying a property after the death of a relative; there are many more reasons too, why a house clearance at a Scunthorpe property would be required.

Why not hire a skip instead?

Hiring a skip is a possibility however, there are many reasons why people choose a house clearance at their Scunthorpe property including;

  • The convenience of having a team of professionals, quickly and effectively clear the property of items no longer needed
  • Some clearances can be too big for one skip and hiring more than one can soon become very expensive
  • The house clearance can be completed at a time that suits them and is completed in a short space of time
  • Many businesses also opt for a clearance service too, as they are quick, effective and completed with minimum fuss or time delays

How much does it cost?

Many people assume that a house clearance service in and around Scunthorpe will be expensive but, offering a flexible service means a flexible price too.

Not all customers want the whole house cleared of every item; some people only want a few items removing. Other customers may also want a smaller property clearing, such as small flat, apartment or bungalow.

Because we know that all two house clearances are the same, no two prices will be the same. Why not call us for a free quotation?

What items can be cleared from a property?

There is virtually nothing that we cannot take from a house clearance, however common items we remove are:

  • Furniture of all kinds, form bedroom suites to lounger furniture, including bedframes, mattresses, sofas, chairs, dining tables, desks, office chairs and more!
  • People also struggle to dispose of electrical items, from items that do work to those that don’t – we take all electrical items and appliances
  • We also take clothing, footwear and other fabrics and materials
  • Flooring can be an issue too for many people, including carpets, laminate, lino and old tiles – we can take all these
  • Books, DVDs, cassettes, videos are all obsolete technologies and items that many people struggle to get rid of
  • We can also take chemical based items, such as paint, varnish, stains etc.

What happens to the items?

The vast majority of items and processed and recycled, with only a small fraction of items and rubbish taken from house clearances in Scunthorpe ending at landfill.

How do I book your service?

Booking a house clearance at a Scunthorpe property – both domestic and commercial – is simple; it starts with one phone call to us! We will provide you with a free, comprehensive quotation so you can see what a great service you will get, at a great price.

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