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Japanese Knotweed Removal Services in Gainsborough

It may look nice, with its large green leaves, red woody stem clumped together amongst native plants, and with its creamy white flowers in late July, you could be forgiven for thinking the Japanese Knotweed in your Gainsborough garden is welcome…

…but it hides a serious threat. It is a vigorous and aggressive spreading plant that is slowly choking some of our native plants out of existence. Not only does it spread easily and relatively quickly, it is incredibly hardy too; when you think it is dead – it will look and feel dead, rotting away in your hand – but, it can spring back to life in spring!

Countrywide strategies

The Environment Agency operates a nationwide strategy to rid the UK of Japanese Knotweed, introduced as an ornamental plant in the early 1800s and if you do have this plant in your garden or around your property – either domestic or business premises – you do have a responsibility to either eradicate it and certainly to stop it spreading. If it does spread onto neighbouring land, you could face a fine for allowing this to happen.

Effective treatment

There are options to treating and eradicating Japanese Knotweed from Scunthorpe properties but the best course of action is to call in the experts, and here’s why;

  • We know how to use the right strength of chemical treatments in the right places; for example, some chemical weed killers must not be allowed to leak into the watercourse such as streams etc., as they are fatal to fish and other flora and wild life
  • Digging the plant out of the ground is an option BUT, the rhizomes (the roots) penetrate deep into the soil and so just when you think you have it all, it pops back up the following spring
  • Some actions and methods have been shown to actually help disperse the plant across the ground, such as ‘flail mowing’; we know which methods to avoid and which to use
  • Disposal of the plant is also governed by various rules and regulations – it either needs taking to a licensed landfill that can deal with Japanese Knotweed taken from Scunthorpe properties OR, the dried stems and plant roots need to be burnt.


Under no circumstances should you:

  1. Place the Japanese Knotweed plant in to the green waste collection bags for the local authority to dispose of
  2. Place the root or any part of the plant in the rubbish bin
  3. Chip the stems or any part of the plant; it can regrow and invade new ground from the smallest of chipping
  4. Spread the top 7metres of soil that has had Japanese Knotweed in it; rhizomes could still be in this soil and you could be inadvertently spreading the roots to new areas of the garden or property

Don’t let Japanese Knotweed become established around your Gainsborough home or business!

Dealing with young, newly established plants is easier than those that have been in situ for a long time; it is a perennial plant which means it is very hardy and will grow year on year, spreading out too.

We can deal with this invasive plant and you can trust us to do so properly, effectively and responsibly, including the disposal of the plant waste – call us to find out more!

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