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Pest Control Ulceby – Moles, Wasps, Rats, Mice, Woodworm, Birds, Pigeons, Seagulls, Rabbits, Foxes, Squirrels, Fleas, Bedbugs, Insects, Flies, Moths, Carpet Beetle, Ants, Bees, Cockroaches and many more.

Are you looking for a local to Ulceby pest control service that guarantees success? Then you have come to the right place…

Qualified – there is no doubt that the basis of all excellent, professional Ulceby pest control company is the qualifications they hold. The ‘basic’ qualification is the level 2 award in ‘Pest Control & Management’ but this is far from a ‘basic’ course;

  • Pest control technicians need to complete and pass this comprehensive course within12 months of starting it
  • It covers invertebrate and vertebrate pests, and how to either eradicate them or control them
  • Technicians also cover a third module, the all-important storage, use and transportation of chemicals, as insecticides and pesticides
  • This qualification is the basis to all pest control work; technicians are expected to continue with their own professional development, completing specialist courses in certain aspect of pest control work

Flexible & responsive – an Ulceby pest control service needs to be responsive. No one – from a homeowner to a business owner – likes the idea of sharing their property, inside or out, with an unwanted pests, whether that is the smallest of bugs to rabbits, moles, foxes or, in some cases, an invasive plant such as Japanese Knotweed!

We offer a service that is responsive to everyone’s needs; food businesses, for example, need a pest control service that can respond immediately and carrying on doing so… we offer long term contracts to help businesses spread the cost of pest control services.

Experienced – but, coupled with all of these things, is the need for a pest control service to be experienced too. This means that they will have dealt with all kinds pests in all kinds of situations; we have dealt with everything from relocating bees from domestic gardens, to eradicating wasp nests in garages, rabbit proofing estates and pastures to dealing with moles across sports fields.

Some infestations will require creative solutions and, in some cases, we have needed to consult with a specialist laboratory in order to identify the pest or bug… but we have never been beaten and we have successfully eradicated the pest!

Who can we help?

We work with domestic customers, to eradicate pests from inside and outside the home, including the garden, garage, sheds and other outbuildings.

We also help many businesses too, including;

  • Schools, colleges, day nurseries etc.
  • Industrial customers, from units to factories have also benefitted from Ulceby pest control services
  • Farmers and other agricultural services
  • Local authority buildings and facilities
  • Parks, recreational spaces and children’s play areas
  • Landlords, both private and social, as well as social housing landlords
  • Letting and estate agents
  • Hotels, restaurants, food, cafes and food preparation businesses
  • In fact, we can deal with any pest, in any situation!

Ulceby pest control services need not be expensive either; for business customers we offer the opportunity to spread the cost of pest control services over long term contracts, and we also complete one-off pest control assignments too.

Call us to find out more!

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